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Brief History

My Name is Karl Hadwen and I'm a full stack web developer/designer specialising in PHP/Java. I tend to jump between languages often so that’s why you'll see so many different languages on my channel. I've dabbled in many different projects, from creating this particular YouTube channel, all the way to creating iOS and Android apps--if you're interested in finding my apps just search my name in the app store.

When I was younger I used to build and sell websites on Flippa.com selling a total 43 websites on there. As the years went on I really got interested in the full stack of a computing device, from the transistor right up to the top level of the architecture.

Education/Work Background

After leaving University with a First-class degree in Computer Science, I really didn't know what I wanted to do for work. I knew I wanted to start my own company but I was just like everybody else, I had to earn money to live. So after leaving University I took a job at the largest running shoes distributor in Europe working as a web developer. After that I went to work on low-latency trading systems at Goldman Sachs.

I don't want to bore you too much with my job history but from 2010-2016 I've worked at various eCommerce based companies specialising in architecture design (inventory control, shipping, receiving, picking, packing, fulfilment, and lastly returns). In addition to creating and managing eCommerce based systems, I have experience with warehouse management systems; building them from the ground up.

The Future

My focus now is based around interaction between software and hardware. When it comes to Cognitive Surge, my primary goal has always been to publish enough quality content where anybody can learn whatever they like without having to go to University.

I'm still very much interested in startups and technology in general, so feel free to get in contact at anytime for a chat. Feel free to also message with me with suggestions as to what videos you would like to see.

Karl Hadwen

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