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The Best Shared Web Hosting

#1 For Hosting Websites and Blogs

As a web developer, I have been hosting websites for many years, possibly around 10 years at this point. From hosting my own home server to run a website to managing multiple servers for high traffic websites. The one hosting company that always stuck out was always Bluehost. Bluehost have always had terrific prices, support and up-time. When it comes to recommending a host for my clients or contract work, I always recommend Bluehost.

Whether you're hosting a small website, a blog, or a high traffic e-commerece site, the only host I would recommend is Bluehost. If you're just looking to host a blog, Bluehost can get you up and ready within just 5 minutes. Lastly, I know I've mentioned it but if you ever have any trouble signing up or hosting related problems, contact Bluehost or if you've signed up via my link below, feel free to message me!